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About Our Store

Yoga’s ancient traditions are shrouded in mystique. My primary objective is demystifying yoga, making it accessible to anyone with a body, mind and heart. I promise to hold a safe, inclusive and harmonious space for students to experience goal-oriented and energetically intuitive yoga classes. My hope is for each student’s practice to feel like a breath of fresh air: invigorating and fulfilling. Expect a balanced, “whole-istic” and user-friendly class with breath-led cues, dynamic movements and clinically-based alignment.

CBM’s core values of providing an inclusive and community-led environment where one can nourish their body and mind while growing stronger together resonated deeply with me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share the science of yoga under the standard of excellence set by CBM.

My previous experience as a professional competitive ballroom dancer of 7 years cultivated a particularly deep understanding of subtle energetics. breath and movement between couples. As such I offer specialized “partner yoga” classes. These sessions are a one-of-kind experience, making the perfect anniversary, birthday or holiday gift for you and your loved one.


Yoga offers personal growth and development opportunities to anyone who steps on the mat. I know in my Being that our time practicing together will prove that time and again!


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