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Craft Wellness: "Boxing for Fitness

This is a dynamic & explosive class that incorporates kickboxing techniques
with an intense cardio workout. This class will undoubtedly improve your
endurance, cardiovascular fitness, tone your muscles & shred your abs if you
practice consistently with power and precision. This intense boxing class will
leave you sweating, pumped and ready to take on the world! This class is

taught for all fitness & experience levels.

Craft Wellness: "Strength & Contitioning"

This class is forma#ed to give students the opportunity to learn weight training techniques and concepts used for obtaining optimal physical fitness. We
begging the class by firing up the muscular and cardiovascular systems and
end with dynamic core exercises and functional stretches. You will leave feeling strong, confident and energized from this total body workout.

Yoga: "Bliss the Day Away"

This class explores the more dynamic, rigorous and heat-building elements of a yoga practice. Members can expect a moderate to intense sequence with
creative transitions, deeper postures and holds, advanced balance asanas, and inversions. While anyone is welcome and encouraged to challenge their body and mind in this class.

Yoga: "Morning Glow" Yoga Flow

This class offers a perfect balance of energizing and calming elements, powering the body and bringing ease to the mind. What be#er way to prepare for every daily life or wind down after a taxing week? Expect intentional exploration of breath, posture and alignment amidst an invigorating sequence of fluid, Vinyasa-style movements. No previous yoga experience is required to witness positive results after your very first class!

Class Descriptions

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