Colin Cates

Teen Program Director, Trainer

My passion for fitness stems from having the opportunity to impact people's lives in a

profound way… shaping their bodies & minds… seeing people with different

backgrounds & goals striving to be a better version of themselves.

Fitness is not only my profession but my lifestyle. I have been an athlete since I was 9yo and have utilized fitness & sports throughout my whole life. It was through fitness that I

learned my mantra for life, ’Strong mind Strong body’. It is through my vast knowledge and experience in working with clients seeking athleticism; general wellness; and

rehabilitation that fuels ability to connect with people through fitness… adapting myapproach to meet their individual needs.

Through the personalized use of my specialties (Crossfit; Weightlifting; Skills training for basketball & soccer athletes; Kettlebell Movements & Training; Agility; Plyometrics; and Explosive Training) I strive to make my time with my clients the ‘best hour of their day’. I cascade my clients with the belief and confidence they can accomplish their goals. I truly embrace each moment of growth and success for my clients.

I have a tremendously strong friendship with Ken and Drea and love the mission of CBM. To have the opportunity to align my passion for fitness with such an amazing team is truly amazing.