Jaime Nieves

Member Specialist

My passion is providing our members with their first great impression upon walking into CBM. I strive to make people feel comfortable and welcome no matter what they are steping inside of our doors to do... escape from a stressful day... reconnect with their wellness... better themselves in whichever way they see fit.

Making people feel special and like they are a part of a community is a specialty that I aim for always with customer service being a main focal point. I'm very kind, caring, and compassionate towards everyone that I encounter because even if someone is not the nicest to me, I never know what could be going on and I may be one of the first people to show them compassion amongst what they may be experiencing.

I'm passionate about the CBM community because they support my drive to be more than what I currently am... at CBM I'm encouraged to be member of a team & community, not just employee. I'm confident in who I am and I strive to lift others. Overall my mission is to be the person my dog, Gigi - she is the best, sees me to be.