Karla Sherman

Trainer & Craft Wellness Instructor

My passion for business starts with simply helping others connect with their own health and fitness. Working out and training with my trainer saved my life from a dark path. I became a trainer to help others like me find the light in their dark place. On the training floor, my specialty is rather diversity and adaptablity. I offer everything from building muscles, to weight loss, to nutrition and daily health habits. 

My heart lies with body building and the total recomposition, building that “toned” look everyone desires. My clients describe me as passionate, caring, understanding, compassionate, safe, fun and a little goofy haha!

What brought me to CBM is the mission, and the purpose. It’s not just a gym, it’s a Center where a Person can come to feel safe, and not feel judged. Where they can get help for their PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc or different ways, which is why I started training to begin with.

What sets me apart is that I am very focused on form and technique and always stick to the fundamentals. I don’t do these fad exercises you see all these “influencers” do all over social media just for likes. Which most times have zero results.  I keep it old school with my training, I stick to what has shown for years to always show, and produce results.  I also train because I genuinely love what I do, I’m not out for the money, I care about each of my clients on a very personal level. I’m also honest, I don’t give unrealistic answers or goals. I say how it is, even if it hurts. I don’t believe in giving false hope just for a pay check!