Taea Hill

Trainer & Craft Wellness Instructor

My passion for personal training is to create a better more healthy lifestyle for the people that trust me with their fitness wants and needs. My passion for being apart of CBM is the beauty in being apart of something fresh, new, and powerful! I specialize in sports performance training, speed training, and lifestyle fitness as well.  My clients describe me as informative, detail oriented, understanding, bubbly with a smile always on my face.

What sets me apart is my story. I ran track and played volleyball all my life. Went to college for track. But during my time in college I had my daughter I've experienced the absolute highs of strength, speed and power. But Ive also experienced the struggles the lows and the understanding of how to grow my body back after pregnancy! I have worked with many women of course but I have also trained with men during my track days so I understand how to train both men and women. I can relate to a wide variety and it's what I love most.

I stumbled across CBM during the Art walk and I LOVED it immediately… knowing I found a facility that matches my passion for wellness.