Amber Baines

Member Specialist, Trainer & Craft Wellness Instructor

My career in Professional Personal Trainer, specializing in bodybuilding, body recomposition & lifestyle transformations is driven by my desire to help others succeed & thrive in every aspect of their lives. When I have helped an individual change not just their physical body, but their mindset, and their life, then I know that I’ve done something worthwhile.

Through my approach of always making sure my clients understand the “why” behind everything we do, I have developed the reputation of being "knowledgeable and trustworthy," allowing my clients to trust me and trust the process. I am also often referred to as ‘tenacious, ‘energetic, and ‘possessing a tough “no nonsense” approach to coaching and training’. Once I know what you’re capable of, I won’t accept anything less than your best 100% of the time. I keep it challenging, but fun. Because communication is a priority for me, I make myself accessible to my clients 24/7. Making sure my clients are comfortable coming to me with questions/concerns is of the utmost importance to me. You’ll want to keep coming back.

CBM encompasses everything that a total wellness and fitness facility and community should be. For me, the choice was simple and clear. Working with the like minded individuals at CBM just makes sense. When your professional and personal goals align, there is no better vibe in this world.