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Amy DeCesare, RYT 500, M.Ed., CRM

Yoga Instructor

Amy’s  personal yoga journey spans over twenty years and has been integral in working through grief, trauma, physical injury, and the vicissitudes of life as a parent, educator, and counselor. Re-locating to Albuquerque, NM in 2020 has enabled her to further explore the art and science of yoga, augmenting her additional training in Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative/Adaptive Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation. With degrees in Health/Physical Education, Biological Science, and Counseling, Amy’s yoga practice and teachings are built upon a solid, knowledgeable foundation.

Amy’s practice as a yoga guide has enabled her to work in a variety of settings with a diverse range of clients. Her specialty is in listening to, and collaborating with others, and working with her clients in adapting her yoga instruction to serve multiple ability levels, ages, and physiological needs. Amy is passionate when it comes to sharing the practice and benefits of yoga with her clients. She delights in creating classes, and that incorporate mind-body-spirit that encourage and support well-being, balance, and energy work. Amy considers the students in her classes to be true gifts of the spirit.  Clients have shared that her classes are fun, casual, relaxing, nurturing, and energizing. After Amy's class, students will say, “That was just what the doctor ordered!”

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