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Andrea Sanchez

Co-Founder - Trainer - Sports Nutritionist

Having had the benefit of growing up in an environment where health was made a priority, my life-long passion for physical, spiritual and mental wellness runs deep.

As a Wellness Advocate & nationally qualified Fitness Competitor, with certifications in Personal Training & Sports Nutrition, I pride myself on my ability to make training sessions fun, challenging, educational, and most importantly effective!

My approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate programming with specific focus given to cardiovascular & strength training in combination with balance & flexibility training, while correcting biomechanical deficiencies so my clients can vivaciously live their best lives.

At CBM, through our communal approach to integrated wellness we nourish the body for physical & mental health… and we foster a community of practitioners & members to support & inspire each-other’s wellness. COMMUNITY - BODY - MIND... stronger together!

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