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Becca Martinez

Member Specialist

Heyyy! I'm Becca, I joined the CBM family in Spring 2024. I have my Bachelor's in Architecture from UNM and have over seven years of experience working in the commerical construction industry. 

As a young woman in a tough industry that demands long hours at the desk and in the car, I quickly learned I needed to prioritize my mental and physical wellness. I started my fitness journey by hiring a personal trainer who created an easy-to-follow exercise and nutrition plan for me that was all tracked online, which was SO convenient! With the support of a great coach, the hard work I put in during that time really enabled me to create, and more importantly, maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself which I love!

My role here at CBM is to make sure all you members have the resources you need to crush your goals, and to keep you in the know about what's currently happening around the gym! My goal is to make you feel welcome, and enocourage you newbies and seasoned gym-rats alike to feel like you have a place here in our inclusive and vibrant whole-wellness community. 

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