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Clent Wilson

Licensed Massage Therapist

I specialize in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Trigger Point massage. I create an atmosphere of relaxation & restoration through identifying your massage needs and catering to these needs to maximum your massage results! As a therapist I have had lots of compliments about my massage skills… one of my favorite descriptions from my one of my amazing clients was, “What I love best about getting a massage from Clent is I get all my needs met, from mental, to physical, to spiritual! It’s like a one stop shop!” I am truly blessed with some of the best clients in the world!! When I was recruited by Drea, and I learned the vision & mission of CBM, I knew i had to be a part of it. I love

people! I can’t help believing in them and believing that everyone has a right to have a place of escape, happiness & peace. It is my true honor to help my clients find that peace & happiness while they are in our sessions… even just for an hour it is all worth it!!

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