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Corey Coomes

Yoga Instructor

The practice of yoga has been a passion of mine since I was a young  adult.  I have been practicing hatha yoga for the last 14 years.  I am  excited to be a part of CBM and to offer yoga classes to the community.

Taking  great care of the body/mind system feels important to living a life  fully embodied.  I enjoy cultivating the skills I have learned through  yoga.  Some of these are mindfulness, patience, and listening from  the heart. These are best utilized through my livelihood as a social  worker, a musician playing guitar, or as an end of life companion.

I  strive to tailor classes to the needs of the students' body/mind/spirit  and to induce a relaxing, restorative energy throughout the whole  class.  The use of gongs and other sound healing techniques being a part  of this, along with a meditative atmosphere for practitioners to focus  on their innermost being and to practice self-love.  It is an endless  journey, and I look forward to practicing with you!

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