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Jamara Garrett

Wellness Ambassador

My passion for CBM is the appreciation for its communal and mental health emphasis as well as multifaceted physical aspects that the wellness center has to offer Albuquerque. I specialized in exceptional customer relations, bodybuilding, functional training and weight loss. I am a braider as well as professional influencer/model, specificalizing in  fitness, promotional, print and runway.  People characterize me as smiley, funny, helpful and high spirited as well as focused, driven and knowledgeable. I've been blessed with the mentorship, friendship and leadership  of Andrea, one of the owners of CBM. She's a silent doer and so when I found out she brought this vision of hers to life I knew I had to be a part of the team! What sets me apart is my extreme transformation and achievements. I started out as a very shy, very sheltered fragile girl. I've endured and survived domestic violence. I've broken through my fear of using my own voice to not only speak up for myself but also using that same voice to network and travel the world and take giant steps towards my dreams. Breaking through habits developed by anxiety and self-doubt. I went from having no sense of self to learning my worth/value and standing up for that. I'm proof that you CAN in fact transform your life into exactly what you have always dreamed of.

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