Jamie Quiles

Trainer & Craft Wellness Instructor

The health industry is near & dear to my heart. Coming from a military background, I was taught at a young age to train to fight and win our nation's battles while maintaining a reserved energy for any task that may arise. I continue to practice this philosophy of balanced focus in my everyday life, and as the foundation for my Physical Training practices… 

I offer a balanced thoroughness & directness, with safety at its core, that my clients routinely say gives them the security & confidence to achieve their goals.  My specialties include Army Combatives/Hand-to-hand combat, Crossfit and small group training.

The reason I joined the team was simple: CBM has as a priority, to provide a support system for those who have experienced trauma. In the past I’ve benefited from participating in peer groups and I quickly appreciated the value of the opportunity to share some of the tools I’ve learned to cope with PTSD. I am proud to be trainer at CBM and member of the CBM Community, forming symbiotic relationships that support each other’s wellness & success.