Jared Ragland

Member Specialist

Being  fit isn't just a physical thing. The quickest way to end depression is  to get up and move. I should know, I've lost over 200lbs and beaten  addictions. I represent the unsung people of this world. I shouldn't be  here. I shouldn't be as happy as I am. I believe physical activity has  kept me alive my whole life. Even as a child I didn't want to be here,  but playing sports kept me going, not even knowing. After I stopped  playing college football I went down a dark path. I was over 400 lbs,  and I was using substances just to feel. That all took a toll, and I was  over it. One day I just started running, and I haven't looked back.  Then I started doing MMA, and it even took me further than I ever  thought anything could. Everyday I try to get better and better, and  beat the man in the mirror. That's why I want to be at CBM. I hope to  radiate positive and ambitious energy to the CBM family. CBM is a cool  place to be, but an even better place to grow.