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Mary Baca

Collaborative Team Partner - Holistic Licensed Counselor - Certified Clinical Trauma Professional - Master Reiki Practitioner / Instructor

I am Mary F. Baca, CWK, CCTP, LPCC , a Licensed Counselor in the state of New Mexico. I have maintained (4) businesses - a thriving private practice, Odyssey Counseling, for over 30 years, employing several therapists, and a holistic practice Resilience Integrative Services which employs several holistic practitioners, as well as Shifting Perspectives Specialized Training Institute and Allies for First Responders. I actively utilize holistic modalities in addressing my clients’ mental, physical, and emotional needs as a Holistic Counselor. 

I have developed training curriculum for a “Holistic Counselor Certification”, created my own Holistic modality "Quantum Alignment", and has attained her Reiki Master Teacher Certification. Mary is currently training and certifying other mental health providers, holistic practitioners, and first responders in holistic modalities.

I am available to help patients starting as young as age 12. Here are some of my completed trainings and certifications including : Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, EMDR training and certification in Level 1, 2, Group Protocol and several advanced trainings, EFT/Tapping, Intuitive guidance certification, cognitive behavioral therapy; behavior modification; wholistic kinesiology; Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 & Master Teacher. Included in Mary’s repertoire of specialty areas are PTSD, trauma, acute stress, depression, anxiety, grief, child abuse, workplace and organizational dynamics, domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and more.

I began working with first responders 25 years ago, Having been married to a police officer for 14 years and having friends and family in law enforcement and fire service. I quickly became passionate about helping this population and their families. My trainings educate the public and workplace environments on a myriad of topics, Including  raising awareness about the emotional occupational hazards involved in the fields of law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatch/911 operators, corrections, medical investigators, victims advocates, child/adult protection, and medical professionals.

I understand that first responders come from a specialized culture and have created numerous trainings for professionals that want to work with first responders and trauma-based career professionals. I founded the non-profit organization, “Behind The Badge NM" in 2016 which has a peer support team, annual fundraisers, and assists first responders with paying for counseling and ancillary services like therapeutic massage, meditation and reiki as a means of addressing their health and wellness needs.

I have provided trainings for NM Office of the Medical Investigator, NM District Attorney’s Office, NM Attorney General’s Office, NM Coalition of Sexual Assault Program, CNM, UNM Nursing and Allied Health, and several private companies in addition to the general public through my business “Shifting Perspectives Specialized Training Institute.

I love people and animals and feel it is my life purpose to help promote healing for both!

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