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Matthew Hinojos

Trauma Informed Yoga Guide & Reiki I Practitioner

I am a loving, driven, and compassionate yogi of 11 years. I discovered yoga while serving in the United States Marine Corps as a means of holistic healing for veterans.

I served 9 years and conducted deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After my deployments I struggled with mental health and substance abuse, both of which caused great turmoil in my life. Due to the constant and unrelenting emotional pain, I sought a means to heal and unify myself, while also making peace with my past.

The healing and philosophy that I found in a constant yoga practice led me to decided to embrace a warrior’s path of healing, self exploration, and personal understanding.

I call this state spiritual homeostasis: the unification and balance of mind, body, and spirit. Understanding that yoga is specifically designed to achieve this state of being, I aspire to be a catalyst of change for others. Ultimately my goal as a yoga instructor is to challenge growth in students so that they may find the peace, lightheartedness, and healing that I have found during my time practicing.

I am an ERYT-200, and an RYT-500. I specialize in Reiki, trauma informed yoga, yoga for recovery, special adaptive yoga, and have a tremendous passion for community outreach and private guided yoga sessions. These are a one on one experience focusing on active co-listening with reflective say backs that enables students develop a deeper connection with themselves as well as strength their listening and communication skills.

Whether we meet in a classroom setting, a guided session, a one on one session, or a reiki session I truly look forward to being a stepping stone for you in this wonderful journey called life!

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