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Maureen "Mo" Gorman

Yoga and Pilates Instructor



Maureen "Mo" Gorman, is dedicated to many movement modalities. She is a dancer, pilates practitioner and yogi. Mo cultivates joy through teaching clients to get in touch with their body knowledge as an enroute for autonomy and authenticity. As a pilates instructor, Mo is trained in both classical/contemporary methods. She received her classical pilates mat, reformer, chair, and Cadillac certifications from Jodi Stern in Rochester, NY in 2014. Later in 2018, Mo, received her Basi-informed reformer certification from Michelle Pritchard who is formally trained under Karen Clippinger and Rael Isacowitz. Mo is drawn to pilates for its emphasis in skill building, ultimately preparing practitioners for graceful aging. Her physical practice journey led her to yoga where she received a 200hr certification from Yoga for a Good Hood in 2020. Mo enjoys yoga philosophy for its ability to change a person’s outer world through introspective mindfulness practices. This knowledge informs her educator lens. Mo’s greatest and oldest love is dance. Mo is an adjunct professor and has taught to dance majors from Nazareth college, SUNY Brockport and Alfred University.  She received her Master’s in Fine Arts in Choreography and Performance in 2019. Mo has produced her own dance shows in art galleries, performance spaces and colleges.

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