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Cassie Garcia

Craft Wellness Instructor - Youth Physical Education Instructor

I am a certified Personal Trainer & Buti Instructor. With 12 years being involved in the fitness industry I have competed in Powerlifting, Crossfit and stepped on the Bodybuilding stage. During part of that time I've had two beautiful children while continuing to workout through both pregnancies. I strongly support and love training other women preconception, during & postnatal. Since starting my personal fitness journey I fell in love with the process , mindset & lifestyle and couldn't help but to share it with my community. In the beginning, it was scary & challenging to not only step foot in the gym but change my lifestyle into one that better serves my body and mind. I am grateful to have helped other women overcome the same fear & take their fitness journey somewhere they never expected. I am extremely passionate about helping others exceed their health & wellness goals, as well bringing people TOGETHER!

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