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Constantin Manthey

Martial Arts Coach

I’m a Coach and the Owner of The Martial Club.

My Martial  Arts Journey began 15 years ago in Breitenfelde, a small town in  northern Germany. At the time I had just read a newspaper article about a  local Martial Artist who had just competed in the WKA Kickboxing World  Championships in Canada. I immediately signed up in his school shortly  after reading about it and I discovered that it would profoundly impact  my life in countless ways. As I began training daily, I became more  athletic and more confident and even my social skills and mental health  improved as a result. I had found a community that made me feel like I  truly belonged. I was fortunate enough to have a coach who was equally  invested in my growth, which lead me to compete in national and  international WKA tournaments, eventually taking the Silver Medal in the  WKA K-1 Amateur World Championships in Spain in 2009.

Currently,  I live in Albuquerque where I work as an EMT as well as train and coach  Muay Thai / Kickboxing. I now feel that it is time to pass on some of  the blessings that were given to me in my youth.

I greatly look forward to meeting you and personally welcome you to The Martial Club.

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